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Pretty Strange-Ishana Ghosh

It is pretty strange How hours can seem like months when we do not talk And when we do start talking, Each hour we spend on phone seems no longer than a second. It is pretty strange How I can wreck my head over a petty issue Striving not to admit the reality That the absence of that voice is what is killing me And even though that person Is just one call away, I can't bring myself to dial the number, I can't bring myself to admit  That I am incomplete without my other half That I can't live all by myself... It is pretty strange How I can never bring myself to ask If I am as valued as I value, Or if my absence would really matter  And yet ... I try to convince myself That what I think is true. Even so, it doesn't really matter Whether you think of me as I think of you 'cause the bond that exists, No doubt exists. It doesn't take words to strengthen it anew. But again, it is pretty strange How a person like me Could've met a wonder like you I wonder if it was shee…

The Voice In My Head

Never Ever Lonely-Ishana Ghosh
Those people over there
will tell you I'm calm and quiet.
But you should know I'm not
'cause I am forever talking
with the voice in my head;
and believe me when I say,
I never stop.
You might be skeptical
Thinking how one can talk to oneself
without ever getting bored...
'cause in the end,
both are the same person;
the answers can be foretold.
But let me make it clear
that the arguments WE have
are always more in intensity
than the ones I have with real people.
And what you see
as my decision or mentality
Is often the intermediate decision
We arrive at, to stop
the chaos from going on, for eternity.
The voice in my head
feeds me with positivity
when I'm pessimistic.
And it is that voice in my head
which brings those feelings
which make me angry 
and make me hateful of things.
The voice in my head
is like my guide through situations;
encouraging me to take a risk
and cheering me to go forward.
But also pulling me back
when there is a gut feeling
That that's a thing
I …

Is being a bird that good?

What If I Were A BIRD? -Ishana Ghosh
What if I were a bird? Would I be free to fly away Or would I be caged  in my mind's own bay?
What if I were a bird?
Would I be hateful of humans and their cages Or would I admire them and their ability to express on pages?
What if I were a bird?
Would I enjoy the independence Of being in solitude Or would I want someone to hold me back and be proud of my aptitude?
What if I were a bird?
Would I then feel  That the sky's great Or have doubts regarding its ability to guide me straight?
What if I were a bird?
Would I look at the delicacies and wish to be human? Would I still be close to someone Or would I utilise my freedom?
What if I were a bird?
Would I pose as people would photograph me? Or would I run away as I would still be devoid of vanity?
What if I were a bird?
Would I feel boredom? Would I still be depressed? Would I still want to die Or would I value what was gifted?
What if I were a bird?
Would I enjoy being in the air and on the trees? Or would I sometimes crave To wal…

Pictures in the mind

Colours Dry-Ishana Ghosh
I had pictured  my last day there, to have been something like this... There would be moments spent  With that someone 'special' And we would be smiling in the bliss.
There would be goodbyes said and prayers prayed, With good wishes for everyone. We would be savouring each moment in the place we loved, And we all would be together as 'ONE'.
On that last day, the field would be ours for all the school hours. On that last day, in each corner of the building would be blossoming the memory- flowers.
Yes. I had pictured in my mind That we would be laughing our hearts out, With our fingers intertwined. The day would be special, The teachers would laugh with us... But all of this was only in my mind.
'Cause in reality what happened shocked us hard and made us cry. Our last day there was such, that we didn't even know it was time to say 'Goodbye'.
The last day, we were told For the conduct of some, We all had become a burden. We had a fight and I was rebuked for the word…

When Opening Up's A Headache

Hiding What's Inside- Ishana Ghosh
"Hello! I am... Um... Actually I do... Leave. Why not say something about you?"
Yeah I know You were listening. Yeah I know I had to say you something. But unfortunately, I couldn't bring myself to... I suddenly felt, 'How could I say you?' There are so many secrets bubbling inside. There are so many things  that bring crushing tides... But when I look at you and the desire to express rises from within, I go weak at the knees, My courage subsides, and I say, "How's everythin'?" I can't just say you what's going on within. 'Being an open book' At the mere thought, dread fills in. I know you care, I know you will listen, I know how much, sometimes,  I strive to blend in. But it's just so difficult to bring out what's inside... Because if I do, I'm afraid there'll be nothing left to hide. Opening up, for me, is the most difficult thing. I don't wanna be vulnerable, Is it ok then, if I shut myself in? I hear peop…

Nostalgic on the day of Diwali

Adieu, Dear Second Home, Adieu

-Ishana Ghosh
Yes. Today's the day... When the crackers will crackle and the bombs will explode. For the mere fun of light and sound, We will pollute our heavenly abode.
Yes. Today's the day... When we will wish one another to have a Diwali which is happy But what of actually wanting to say 'Tomorrow meeting you at school's gonna make me zippy'
But NO... We know that's not gonna be a reality anymore. So, why take the trouble of saying something, that's already a closed door.
Yes. Today's the day... When our mothers will ask us to shut ourselves from the noise and study But how in the world are we going to shut The noise of the heart which we can't share with anybody.
Yes. Today's the day... When the noise of the crackers bursting outside will be suppressed by the inner screams, Of wanting to go to school and fulfilling the unfulfilled dreams.
Yes. Today's the day... When you'll miss your best friend real bad and will want to start it a…